A core of three or four people involved in the creative industries invite their creative networks to a café/pub/workspace. Ideally between 30 – 50 people.
Everyone comes prepared to donate £20 and to pitch on behalf of someone behind their back without them knowing. People get into groups of five people who all get one minute to pitch. The five people then have to vote on the most compelling story. The chosen story from each group then pitches to the whole group of 50 or so people.After each of the group winners has pitched everyone secretly votes for the most compelling story. The one with the most votes is announced and will receive the collective money raised plus a match fund from Creators Trust up to £500. The Pitcher is the one who informs the recipient (who has no idea) and records the exciting moment on their phone.

The recipient will post their vision/idea on the Creators site for skill share purposes and updates alongside the short video of the moment they got told.

Pitchin Events in more detail
The idea is simple, a creative connector or group invite their network to come together to seed fund or start a story or two. Everyone is invited to bring a sixty second pitch and a willingness to donate £20. After a simple process and a secret ballot one or two compelling pitches are chosen who will receive 100% of the money raised into the central pot plus the match fund from the Creators Trust up to £500.Oh, and there’s a twist – you’re not pitching your own idea, you bring an idea on behalf of somebody you know, who you want to give a leg up, a head start, a boost, behind their back, without them knowing. It’s all driven by our ambition – Make a Name for Someone Else.

The Pitches
Pitchers are divided into small groups of equal amounts (ideally 5 people). After brief introductions the first person in the group is chosen and a countdown begins to the first pitch which lasts for 60 seconds. I know. It’s quick. But we believe a good idea is simple – so simple you could write it down on the back of a beermat. It’s got to be short, pithy, to the point, some of us have pretty short attention spans. 30 seconds are set aside for quick fire questions before the countdown starts again leading to the second pitch and so on until everyone has had a turn.

Choosing a finalist
You sit, you listen, you vote. Everyone writes the name of the person they are nominating and holds it up for the circle to see. You then have two minutes to decide between the group which person you are taking forward to the final pitch to represent your group.The Final
One person from each group is then asked to share their 60 second pitch to everyone who are then asked to secretly vote for the most compelling pitch. Minutes later one or two winners are announced. After a short due diligence process to make sure everything is above board the pitcher is the one tells the successful candidate who records the big moment on their mobile phone.

Connecting around Generosity
Whilst we applaud the winning pitches, these Pitchin evenings are feel good nights of connections for anyone involved in the creative industries.